Azdan can help your strategically focused team to implement an automated planning, budgeting and forecasting solution for your organization.

What is Azdan planning and budgeting solution?

We implement Oracle Hyperion Planning, a centralized planning, budgeting and forecasting solution that integrates financial and operational planning processes and improves business predictability.

Azdan’s Planning and Budgeting Solution reduces the budget cycle time and allows your company to make effective and efficient business decisions. The solution provides your organization with an ability to quickly model complex business scenarios, such as, ‘slice & dice data’, and perform ‘what if’ analyses.

What is the planning budgeting challenges that face your organization?

Challenges in implementing the planning and budgeting solution is quite normal. Though it is not completely a technical job, a lot of business advisory job and strong project management is very much essential to implement an effective Enterprise Resources Planning solution across your entire organization. Azdan is not only IT consultants who technically implement the software, but they are experienced business advisors who can functionally advise you in every step in your planning and budgeting process.

  • Strategic Modeling
    Long range financial modeling to evaluate the impact of opportunities and threats
  • Financials
    Fully integrated financial statement planning across the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow
  • Workforce
    Financial Workforce Planning for compensation spend by employee and/or job code
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
    SWP for HR-based skills and competency planning
  • Projects
    Project financial planning for project-oriented industries and departments (e.g. IT, Marketing, R&D, etc)
  • Capital
    A Capital Asset process for detailed planning on the impact of new and existing assets
  • Ramp up Fast with Best Practice Modules
    Kick-start your forecasting. Leverage purpose-built, out-of-the box modules that quickly link financial and operational planning for many business processes such as workforce planning, capital asset planning, project financial planning, and financial statement planning.
  • Flexible Deployment Options
    Plan and grow at your own pace. Leverage Oracle’s cloud-based planning solutions for your current reporting requirements. Adapt quickly as business needs change.
  • Built for Public Sector Planning
    Designed for public sector, healthcare, and higher education, this solution helps you manage your increasingly complex planning and budgeting processes, and to reduce implementation cost.

Azdan NetSuite PBCS integrator enables organizations of various sizes to quickly adopt a world-class planning and budgeting applications offering market-leading functionality across lines of businesses with flexible and customizable deployment options.

  • Key Business Benefits
    • No hardware or IT investments.
    • Fully customizable and owned by Lines
    of Business.
    • Migrate from disconnected planning tools
    and spreadsheets.
    • Work with latest version of the software.
    • Multiple environments and global data
    centers for deployment.
    • Low cost and time to implement.
    • Customizable to specific business need.
  • Key Features
    • Intuitive, role-based web and MS Office interfaces.
    • Flexible driver based what-if modelling capabilities.
    • Built-in financial intelligence and spreading logic.
    • Built-in commentary and annotation capabilities.
    • Flexible workflow and plan management capabilities.
    • Robust reporting and ad-hoc analysis with formatting and charting support.
    • Integration with NetSuite Financials.

Azdan can reduce your budgeting and reporting cycles by more than 60%!

We are implementing Oracle Hyperion Planning and budgeting according to our best practice. this will enable you to transform the planning cycle into an evolutionary process, bringing tangible and intangible returns for the organization and leadership back into the finance department. This will be done using our proven 8 steps before solution implementation.