Azdan is revolutionalizing the payroll, benefits, and HR for modern companies making the most important business tasks simple, to your HR department and perfectly fits your local regulations.

What is Azdan Human Capital Management?

Human Capital Management (HCM) Solution simplifies almost every aspect of human resources. Not only do these solutions help human resource share workflows and processes, but also the application allows for more self-service capabilities and social tools for employees.

What are the challenges that face NetSuite HR and payroll in the GCC and middle east?

Azdan Human Capital Management Solution is all-inclusive, cloud-based, unites all aspects of HR, payroll process and talent management. It helps companies to transform the employee experience, streamline recruitment and onboarding, control human resource costs, anticipate workforce needs, measure employee performance and reduce turnover of high performers.

  • Core Human Resources for Arab countries
    • Global employee record and HR reporting
    • Purchase order and expense reporting self service
    • Company directory and organizational browsing
    • Employee self-service
    • Employee Center
    • Job and Position management
    • Real-time dashboards with key business metrics
  • Payroll based on local regulations
    • Pays all employer and employee payroll taxes (GCC)
    • Submits all required forms to tax authorities
    • Applies all local tax sharing rules such as GOSI in KSA
    • Monitors tax law changes and provides ongoing updates
    • Provides current and cumulative online pay statements for employees
  • HR Analytics
    • Display monthly headcount trends for current and last calendar years
    • Graphical presentation of headcount for intuitive understanding
    • Tabular presentation of headcount for easy copying and pasting into other analysis tools
    • Break-down headcount by employee department, location, subsidiary and class
    • Select a subset of employees to analyze by applying filters for employee department, location, subsidiary and class
  • Role Based HR Solution
    Azdan role-based permissions will allow executives, managers, supervisors, and employees to support both themselves and their teams using a very easy to use interface.
  • Strong localization capabilities
    Azdan solution is built on a global platform such as Oracle NetSuite, enhanced with strong HR localizations, ensuring your company can manage your local workforces very easy.
  • HR intelligence
    your HR team can easily access reports and key performance indicators. The vital business data is analyzed and displayed automatically within the system

You can test drive Azdan Human Capital Management Solution for free!

Whatever are your requirements, you can contact our consultant to know more about our solutions and try it yourself. We are confident to even make you purchase only after you figured out tangible business results (e.g: time savings).