Azdan business intelligence solution empowers your entire organization so you can ask any question of any data in any environment at any time.

What is Azdan Business Intelligence?

Azdan Business intelligence solution transforms data into actionable intelligence that informs your organization’s strategic and tactical business decisions. this tool access and analyze data sets and present analytical findings in reports. We truly recommend to invest in an executive dashboard that gives something like prices by region and another executive using a BI tool that gives you actionable insights.

How can you successfully implement a business intelligence solution?

Choosing the right KPI is crucial to make effective, data-driven decisions. If you choose the right KPI, it will help to concentrate the efforts towards a meaningful goal, however, choose incorrectly could waste your resources. Azdan Business Advisors will improve your dashboards, they know that what you measure is a good way to think about KPIs.

  • Visual Analytics
    • Stunning data visualization.
    • Secure sharing and collaboration.
    • Intelligent highlighting automatically connects related data.
    • Seamless user experience allows intuitive transition from discovery to dashboard.
  • Self-Service
    • Self-service data loading, no modeling required.
    • Self-service blending of personal and corporate data.
    • Automatically inferred a connection between data sets.
  • Mobile
    • Touch and voice enabled, literally talk to your data.
    • Full mobile authoring.
    • Adaptive design for any device.
    • Native sharing with other applications for both android and ios.
    • Notifications on the smart watch.
  • • Stunningly visual and easy to use.
    • Faster time to value, higher ROI.
    • Radically simple install, upgrade, and management for lower TCO.
    • Comprehensive platform, from selfservice to advanced analytics to operational analysis at scale.
    • Seamless analytics across Cloud and on-premises.
    • Self-service agility in a central, secure platform.
    • Instant mobile, no extra work required.
    • Voice-enabled—talk to your data.