Azdan NetSuite HR and payroll solution for GCC countries benefit the HR for modern companies to make the most important business tasks simple, for the HR department and perfectly fits your local regulations.

What is Azdan NetSuite HR and payroll solution for the GCC and the Middle East?

Azdan understands well that most of NetSuite users in the arab world are putting people at the heart of your business because they are the most valuable assets you have. That's why our NetSuite development team developed a tool using NetSuite that you can use to improve human resources management, and performance. The human resources department will use it to support a well-functioning company.

The solution is developed to meet the local regulations of Jordan, Lebanon, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

What are the challenges that will face your HR department?

Many NetSuite users in the Arab world are using Oracle NetSuite ERP to manage their financials, their CRM to manage their customer's data, SCM to manage their supply chain,..etc. Despite using NetSuite's one unified solution, their system lacks HR and payroll features. and they rely on third-party applications.

Unlike many other NetSuite partners in the GCC and middle East, Azdan has a strong technical development team that can solve this dilemma and enables NetSuite HR and payroll capabilities according to your needs.

  • Core Human Resources for Arab countries
    Core HR Capabilities include native organization design, job and position management, workflows and compliance management, all features are designed to meet your local regulations and your company's internal policies.
  • Payroll based on local regulations
    Azdan makes managing payroll in the GCC and all arab countries are much easier than ever. With new features such as taxes, GOSI calculations and benefit & deductions as rates coupled with an enhanced UI to meet all your special needs in your business countries such as Saudi Arabia and UAE.
  • HR Analytics
    Azdan HR analytics is growing because, with the right metrics, human resources can make more informed decisions and gain more influence in company strategy.
  1. Role Based HR Solution
    Azdan role-based permissions will allow executives, managers, supervisors, and employees to support both themselves and their teams using a very easy to use interface.
  2. Strong localization capabilities
    Azdan solution is built on a global platform such as Oracle NetSuite, enhanced with strong HR localizations, ensuring your company can manage your local workforces very easy.
  3. HR intelligence
    Your HR team can easily access reports and key performance indicators. The vital business data is analyzed and displayed automatically within the system

You can test drive Azdan Human Capital Management Solution for free!

Whatever are your requirements, you can contact our consultant to know more about our solutions and try it yourself. We are confident to even make you purchase only after you figured out tangible business results (e.g: time savings).