Azdan team is using Signavio Process Manager to enable our clients to deliver optimal process documentation and analysis. this comes before any kind of implementation to give you a very clear understanding of what you are supposed to do, and how you are supposed to do it.

If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got!

When you are looking for a different outcome, you have to think about what you already doing and change it. At Azdan, we think about the detail by looking at the activity you are involved with and try to find a better way of being more efficient. this is carried out by modeling your As-Is process and your To-Be process.

Business process modeling before implementation.

Business Process Modelling is a practice while solutions implementation (such as ERP, EPM, CRM) is the technologies that can support that practice. before implementing any of our solutions, we collaborate with our partners to simulate their Process. this kind of analysis and understanding of the process flows will help our partners to know if there is room for further optimization and efficiencies.

  1. Business Transformation
    Whether driven by the need to keep up with digital advances, the desire to protect the business from new challenges, or simply wanting to change direction. you need our business transformation to execute on your strategies
  2. Operational Excellence
    To remain competitive in your market, you need to continuously manage organizations, and actively identify and act upon opportunities for improvement. Our operational Excellence will look at your business processes.
  3. Risk & Compliance
    The need to proactively manage and mitigate risk and ensure compliance for your organization. Densely interconnected regulatory regimes coupled with more severe penalties are increasing the need to make Risk & Compliance management
  • Azdan + Signavio Process Manager
    • Model your business processes quickly and intuitively
    • Understand, define, and improve your business processes
    • Identify bottlenecks and run “what if” analyses
  • Azdan + Signavio Workflow Accelerator
    • Automate common or repetitive business processes
    • Set operational guidelines for maximum efficiency
    • Save time and money, while speeding up work and improving transparency
  • Azdan + Signavio Process Intelligence
    • Investigate and analyze your own business data
    • Identify process anomalies and make changes in real-time
    • Increase profits, improve your product turnaround, increase customer satisfaction, and maintain regulatory compliance
  • Azdan + Signavio Collaboration Hub
    • Communicate and plan seamlessly with colleagues around the world
    • Create your ‘single source of truth’
    • Combine tasks for better focus and effectiveness, while making sure you are working with up-to-date data.


Azdan business process documentation is an essential part of your process improvement, providing a reliable and consensual basis to understand what the necessary improvements are and to make analysis and comparisons of results and performances between the As-Is and To-Be.


One of the most stated reasons for solutions implementations success is that the organization successfully recognized the impact the implemented system would have on their business processes. If you precisely defined your To-Be business process, you will ensure successful implementation.