Azdan can help your strategically focused team to implement a world-class Oracle Enterprise Performance Management solutions.

How can you choose a trusted Partner for your Hyperion project?

Indeed, you need a successful enterprise performance management implementation. that’s why you don’t have only to choose a firm that can implement software solutions, but you need an experienced business consultant that can support you in all your aspects. That means you need to start the journey from business advisory, to implementation, until you make sure that the implementation is operating smoothly.

Azdan is the #1 consulting firm in the region that successfully implement Oracle Hyperion solutions!

Our team is fairly well-versed in the functional challenges of any solution’s implementation. That’s why Azdan proposes an 8 steps business advisory and consultancy before starting any kind of implementation.

After the business advisory, Azdan implements Oracle EPM based on 7 proven linked stages, which support the long-term success of the solution deployment, making it easier to provide you a full control during the project lifecycle.

  1. Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
    World-class planning, budgeting and reporting solution that reduces the cycle time to prepare the budget and allows the company to make better business decisions faster. It provides the organization with the ability to quickly model complex business scenarios, “slice and dice” data, and perform “‘what if” analyses.
  2. Financial Consolidation and Close
    Dramatically reduce the time and cost to complete periodic financial close and financial consolidation with all required automation of inter-company eliminations and equity calculations with an advanced reporting and dashboards capabilities.
  3. Profitability and Cost Management
    Enables organizations to understand the true cost and profitability drivers within their business and empowers users with the visibility and flexibility to improve resource alignment, increase margins and ensure profitability.
  4. Account Reconciliation
    Efficiently manages and improves global account reconciliation by exploiting automation and comprehensively addressing security and risk typically associated with the process.
  5. Tax Reporting
    A comprehensive solution suitable for companies reporting under IFRS and/or any GAAP. The solution encompasses all stages of the tax provision and country-by-country reporting processes including tax automation, tax data collection, tax & accounting calculation and reporting & analysis.
  • Connect strategy with execution and give business owners complete control over plans.
    • Own and operate the plan
    • Plan at the varying levels of detail needed for the function
    • Connect plans together across the enterprise
    • Gain greater transparency with a clear audit trail to all lines of business
  • Business users in HR, sales, finance, and other departments can easily tailor plans to their needs—without involving IT.
    • Easy to use with intuitive business wizards and flexible navigation
    • Built-in user training with tutorials and context-sensitive help
    • Choice of Excel- or web-based user interface
  • Open up new insights and gain greater forecast accuracy with powerful modeling capabilities.
    • Create forecasts based on actual data with built-in predictive capabilities
    • Create long-range, what-if financial models to evaluate opportunities or threats
    • Easily accommodate growth with a massively scalable calculation engine
    • Give users powerful data analytics with speed-of-thought analysis in Excel

Azdan can reduce your budgeting and reporting cycles by more than 60%!

We are implementing Oracle Hyperion Planning and budgeting according to our best practice.this will enable you to transform the planning cycle into an evolutionary process, bringing tangible and intangible returns for the organization and leadership back into the finance department. This will be done using our proven 8 steps before solution implementation.