Many organizations need to compete in the market today with improved decision support. that’s why Azdan can accelerate the growth initiatives for your organization using the #1 cloud platform for treasury and finance.

Why do you need a treasury management system?

Definitely, There are many benefits to using a treasury management system for your corporation’s treasury needs. You will streamline your payment process, minimizing the time spent on authorization and the initiation of payments, manage national and physical multi-currency cash pools, tracking cash and non-cash transactions to offer real-time intercompany positions.

Azdan has the best Kyriba consultants that you have ever dreamed of!

At Azdan, we believe that each project is different and each presents itself as an exciting challenge. With the seasoned knowledge of our consultants and the experience they have gathered, Azdan consultants will help you to ensure the optimal level of liquidity at the lowest cost and the acceptable level of risk for your company to achieve your strategic goals.

  1. Business Continuity
    Business continuity is a critical requirement for every CFO and Treasurer to ensure that Treasury continues to operate in any scenario. Azdan will help your finance teams to prevent the loss of four primary loss conditions such as employees, facilities, services and access.
  2. The Treasury Cloud
    Azdan is using the #1 treasury cloud solution, which is encrypted, secure, and is always available globally to ensure that your team can focus on the treasury.
  3. Cash Visibility
    Azdan can reduce the cost and difficulty of your bank connectivity. We manage the entire connectivity process for you, no matter if SWIFT, host-to-host, or regional networks are required to communicate
  4. Bank Connectivity
    Azdan is using the connectivity-as-a-service solution delivers connectivity in the cloud to all internal and external financial systems to enable you to a perfect visibility, straight through processing, and information security.
  • Treasury Management
    • Cash Management & Forecasting
    • In-house Banking
    • Multilateral Netting
    • eBAM and Bank Fee Analysis
    • Investments & Debt
    • Intercompany Loans
  • Payments
    • Treasury Payments
    • Supplier Payments
    • Payment Factory
    • Direct Debi
    • Format Transformation
  • Risk Management
    • FX and Interest Rate Hedging
    • Mark-to-Market
    • Hedge Accounting
    • Exposure Management
    • Credit Risk
    • Value-at-Risk
  • Working Capital
    • Supply Chain Finance
    • Reverse Factoring
    • Dynamic Discounting
  • Control and Compliance
    • Fraud Detection
    • Sanctions List Screening
    • Login Protection
    • Digital Signatures
    • Control Center

Azdan is using Kyriba to simplify your mission-critical capabilities through a 100% SaaS platform.

Kyriba is the leader in global treasury solutions, supporting 1,800 clients and 65,000 users across 100 countries. With solid strategic investment and a strong recurring revenue base. Azdan is one of the leading Kyriba partners in the middle east and the GCC in which CFOs and Treasurers rely upon.