The planning process “planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting” presents a formidable challenge to many governments. It is a crucial component of performance management that contributes greatly to a government’s overall success or failure. Azdan Planning and Budgeting Tools help in every factor of the organization.

Over the last years, Government of Dubai was actively seeking to improve their public budget performance continuously, in order to achieve financial sustainability, fulfill the emirate’s commitments, and realize the strategic objectives of their plan.

The government of Dubai realized the importance of automating their planning and budgeting process to increase the accuracy of reporting, plans, budgets, and forecasts and to improve process cycle time to save time and money.

The government has chosen Azdan business analytics to automate their process and help them in their operation. Azdan Business Analytics have implemented Oracle Hyperion Planning and Budgeting reform program with the broad objective of transitioning the Government to a performance-based budgeting practice on a unified integrated planning platform, as a result, Dubai is now capable to approve the largest budget ever in its history.