Azdan Business Analytics was recognized by CIO reviews as one of the most promising NetSuite solution provider 2019.

Cloud computing is an inevitable milestone in the journey toward transforming, accelerating, and growing enterprise businesses and undoubtedly, the way forward for businesses. It is not an option anymore but a natural choice for any enterprise preparing to manage a modern digital supply chain. But often, CIOs fail to identify the most critical organizational challenges, specifically, defining the output required into futuristic KPIs to sustain scalability of the business. Also, the inability to scope their customizations for dealing with data accessibility issues drives inefficiency.

Azdan Business Analytics: Unleashing the Power of NetSuite

Azdan Business Analytics—a leading NetSuite solution provider with an expert team of business application solution provider with an expert team of business application experts—nips these challenges in the bud by delivering complete NetSuite cloud computing solutions, from licenses to implementation, and support. Amid a remarkable shift in the retail space alongside the growing e-commerce and mobile commerce market-shares, Azdan focuses on omnichannel buying processes by offering its clients a fully integrated CRM, ERP, and e-commerce platform to run their business. “Our experienced business advisors and consultants recommend the NetSuite modules suitable for specific business requirements. The market is ready and so is Azdan, to compete, commit, and deliver,” asserts Tariq Shahabedden, the CEO of Azdan Business Analytics.

With an approach to assess the business situations by reviewing in-depth business processes before making any recommendations, Azdan tailors the solution that suits its client’s business requirements. Before starting the deployment process, Azdan’s expert teams perform change management, proof of concept, and if needed, recommend introducing policies. Azdan is known for developing, building, customizing, and striving for unified infrastructures—“One interface, One solution, One box”—specific to the industry. The company keeps the business point of view in mind and builds a custom-made application using NetSuite development tools without the need for integration or migration. Azdan has a keen eye for details and pays great attention to preparing the clients adequately for adopting a cloud-based financial management system, which is a cross-functional, cross-departmental integrated enterprise management system. The company’s experts usually recommend buying a business outcome rather than a specific feature set, solution, or architecture. Azdan’s team regularly evaluates risks, communicates, and mitigates them throughout all phases of the project, including pre-sales, in order to ensure the alignment of skill-sets, understanding, learning capacity, and time.

Our experienced business advisors and consultants recommend the NetSuite modules suitable for specific business requirements. The market is ready and so is Azdan, to compete, commit, and deliver

Tariq Shahabedden, CEO of Azdan Business Analytics

Azdan also provides alternative paths for bringing functionality into a company, by clearly stating the impact to the timeline and cost for different variations in scope, phasing, and architecture. They are currently the only partner in the MENA region with strong localized and customized solutions.

“We are increasingly working with government entities across the MENA region to house sensitive data in internal systems and the cloud, allowing them to share valuable data with users, and in turn, facilitate one-stop cloud shop,”

states Shahabedden.

Azdan Professional Services Automation offers viable strategies like managing the full lifecycle of cloud solutions to make sure the system evolves with business growth and optimizing its client’s business processes based on their value proposition. Over the years, Azdan has developed “ADDS ON” business modules to serve specific features like project journey, decision- maker dashboard/flowcharts, and more, which are not a part of the NetSuite platform. Azdan is in discussion with Oracle to publish the modules on the Oracle NetSuite website for all partners to access and use.

For the future, the company aims at expanding from the Middle East to the European and American markets through localized presence in those regions. Azdan is also shifting its focus into the huge SME market backed by its endeavor to include more features in their portfolio and provide vertical solutions to meet specific industry standards and needs

CIO Review: Azdan is one of the Most Promising NetSuite Solution Providers 2019